Sunday, September 21, 2003

Hello All!

Our concert in Greenfield, MA, at the Congregational church went well! It was their 250th anniversary party, complete with birthday cake and ice cream :)

We got the signboard on the front of our bus updated, instead of 'Out of Service', it now says 'MacDonald Family Singers', with lights behind it! The engine is also running *much* better than it had been in the past few weeks. It's working much better for us than the van/trailer combo.

We've been adding a few new bluegrass songs and reviving a few of our old favorites, such as Victory, Victory, and Meeting in the Air. If you have a suggestion for a good bluegrass hymn with good solid lyrics, send us an email.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Tomorrow we are off in the bus to the JCC -Jewish Community Center - of Amherst to play in a Kezmer concert. Victor, Laurie, Carol, Bonnie, and Vincent have been playing with the orchestra for nearly a year. The concert is to welcome a new Rabbi to the area.

We washed the bus with the hose for the first time today! All we've done up to now is polish it with polishing compound, the city grime that came with the bus was too much to just be washed off with soap and water. We also made a signboard for the front of the bus, it says MacDonald Family Singers. I'll try to get a picture up on Monday :)