Monday, July 13, 2009

Preface: I'm having photos issues! Clicking on these very small pictures will load a HUGE picture. Ugh. :D

Hello from the MacDonald household! I looked back and realized I'm woefully behind keep you all up on our news.

First, apologies to Nathan for missing a post on his birthday. I don't think it's 'sweet sixteen' for the guys, but none the less he did turn 16 and he does like sweet things and we ATE sweet things. Yum yum!

The most unusual gift of the day was a snapping turtle. Click here for a absolutely gross picture of that. : P We have grosser ones but I will spare you. It, like turtle? Definitely had it's own flavor and it wasn't 'chicken' at all.


We visited Long Island this past weekend for a family reunion of sorts! We also sang Sunday morning at a local church. Unfortunately I didn't get any shots of the inside of the church building but it was amazingly European. 8)

Securing the table plastic before the crowds descended at the reunion.

Brother and sister. :)

Playing with Cousin Joey's toy...

Vincent and Matthew eating breakfast before the day speeds up.

New York bagels...nothing like one of those!

The pizza oven.

A few of us hanging out...

We had a slightly harrowing time finding our way out of the maze of streets while staying OFF the parkways. :D Dad stayed up late and got us off the Island...and we got home Monday morning. Home is wonderful but I'm so looking forward to the next tour!

We have a concert this week in the park in town! Looking forward to it and company this weekend.

Till next time.... :)