Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hello all!

Wow. I didn't realize I forgot to update here. We are home! Thank you all for your prayers and attendance and support of our concert tour.

We are back and working daily on our new album. Prayers are so very much appreciated for that.

A few photos of the color we have been enjoying since we arrived...

That's it for now!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello all! Sorry for the delay. We have been busy and not too much wifi. When we have had it I've been tired or distracted.

I'm sitting up here on Nathan's bunk (he's in the youth room at the church) hoping the wifi doesn't drop out. ;) I tried moving. Ugh! It died. Now I'm balancing the laptop on my knees near the window.

We will be home verrrrry soon! But here are some photos and captions from our adventures in Iowa, Indiana, and maybe a few other places...

We had a delightful concert in MO on Wednesday and met a few other music families. What a blast we had jamming after the concert!

Checking something? :)


Visiting with a family +1 in Indiana!

We sang and played for Abi and Joe's wedding on Saturday!

This was our first wedding to play and sing at as a family.
It went fairly smooth considering. ; )
Matthew did a live streaming video of the wedding, which a lot of
people appreciated from far and wide who could not attend in person.

Our cramped little music corner. :) Yes, that is Vincent and yes he
changed before we were up. ;)

Vincent making faces for us. ; )

Me curling hair!

Visiting with friends Sunday!

Making new friends!

(edit p.s. apparently a lot of photos got posted and I didn't see them. This is a more complete post. :))

The wifi is VERY unstable so I think I will have to sign off here. You'd rather have a post unfinished than no post at all, right? Right. :D

We have been meeting and singing for a lot of new people and we have just two more concerts this week before we arrive back home.

Carol for all