Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I had forgotten how long ago it was since I updated over here. SO much has happened!

We arrived home with no break downs to a cold house! We expected the later. :) It didn't take long to get things up and moving again, and we've been enjoying the rainy, foggy "spring." But today it's 70 and we are enjoying doing outdoor things but still finding plenty inside to do....

The biggest news is Nathan isn't blow drying his hair like a flat top anymore.... : P Never mind, Carol (that's me) is engaged to Mr. Seth Hollis, of Foley Alabama! He brought her up a beautiful ring April 18th and proposed on the top of a hill.

We are so excited and blessed as he is joining "The MacDonald Family Singers" and we will be continuing singing with Seth's rich baritone voice and other music talents and skills. We are thanking the Lord for all His blessings! Some more details can be found on Carol's blog. Wedding date is set for August 20th!