Thursday, August 18, 2011 much to do for a wedding. Things are really coming together though! Surely something will be left undone at the end of the day, but when all is said and done Seth and Carol will still be married... :)

Here's the link to the live wedding broadcast!

Join us August 20,2011, 2PM EST for Carol's wedding!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

:blows dust off blog:

:more then an hour passes:

Yes, I got interrupted! We are definitely in the full swing of wedding prep! And, I should mention, if anyone keeps up a blog while they are engaged, well, I don't know how you do it. I beg forgivness though for my lengthy silence. We have a had a fairly busy summer, singing at several camps and one overnight trip.

Seth lives up the street from us so we see this guy everyday.

Carol loves this. :) (And, she loves Seth. Lots!)

We enjoyed the hospitality of the Bartlett's this past weekend in NH for a short visit by the lake.

As you can see....



...the food was great....

but THIS was the line to be in .... who could pass up a good neck rubbing?!


Mrs. B and Daniel!

Playing games...after swimming!

Seth is really enjoying his time traveling. He's making all kinds of new friends!


Ok, that's all for today! Hopefully one more blog post before the wedding, which is NEXT WEEEEEK! August 20the here we come. :)