Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Tour and the New Addition

Well, I'm here to blog my bi-annual family post. OY! Keeping up with a new baby, husband, two blogs and facebook is not working very well. :)  But anyhoo! We're on the ROAD for the Fall Tour 2012!

We are transmitting and typing from Wisconsin this afternoon. The tour is going well with lots of singing and traveling. We are PRAISING GOD for His provision for the trailer. Dad noticed the trailer (where Seth, Carol and the baby stay) was bouncing a lot. On further investigation we discovered the frame was broken.
God led us to the *prefect* place to get it fixed. Randy blessed us with a good solid repair which won't be breaking ANYTIME soon! We praise God and thank Him for this tremendous blessing!

We also are thankful Victor (Dad) was not injured worse when he took a very bad fall after a concert in Michigan.  He is recovering but still in more pain than is normal. We appreciate all prayers for him as he continues to recover. He heard his neck crack and maybe his back as well and had some temporary vision problems. He is able to walk.

Joanna is a little trooper and as long as she has food is a very happy bus passenger. :)

Joanna enjoys sitting with daddy during concerts....

Joanna joins us for "Going To Glory"

It was hilarious as she decided to let out a "burp" into the microphone as we introduced her in Flint, MI. Haha.

Ok, we're headed off to the next Wisconsin stop soon. God bless you all!