Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hi People!

We are currently in Florida and enjoying the...the....rainy cloudy weather! :) The day we arrived it was quite nice actually, they said 80's but it's definitely on the dreary side now. : ) I'm looking forward to playing tonight in a nice dry place!

I haven't been taking all that many photos the past week....I definitely have lots of photos to share from CA! I probably won't get them all posting by the time we leave either...

Glorify The Lord With Me!

Probably Fairest Lord Jesus.
Hey Dillards! : D
(Andy Giffith Show anyone? )

My Jesus I Love Thee


This photo set thanks to Jeff More. Thank you for all your work!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just in case you were over at my blog and saw I updated do not think I have forgotten you all over here. We've had to little connections and time to upload. We had a very memorable time in CA and you can see some of that over on my last post.

From the beaches..... the various amazing and blessed fellowship times.... the ruggeded moutains... the majestic views.....

God's really good to us. : )

More later!!!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Well, well, well! We are still here in CA. We haven't dropped off the side of the earth. : ) Between concerts we've been visiting people and the beach. If you all are tired of beach pics feel free to skip this post. :D I have them going last to first. It doesn't make for a chronological post but at least it's Biblical. :D

Watching the sun set....



eh, Daniel!

It was pretty!

Writing our names in the sand.

Happy guys. : )


Still smiling..

Hannah...the water was freezing but
all the kids went for a dip, except for Matthew
and yours truly.

Reflection on the black sand.

Running! They were playing ball and eventually the
seagulls found the ball. The gulls ALSO ate all the
crackers they brought for snacks. Oops. :) Next time we'll
have to be a little more careful!

Ok...time to set up for another concert this evening!
I'll try to get to my personal blog later tonight...we'll see...

The concert this morning was a blessing to my soul.
God gives peace, renews and using all things for
our good.

Praising Him!

Carol (for all)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Well, we're here!! It's kind of different...but beautiful!

You can tell we went to the beach today. 8 )
It wasn't a real sandy beach but one with beautiful wet smooth rocks. It was interesting.

Oh yes...and here we are at our camp-site. Actually, we were graciously allowed to park at several of the places we sang this week (and last.) It really was a tremendious blessing. As is the church we're staying at tonight. If any of you all are reading this who were responsible big thank yous again!!

We're wonderfully amazed at the glories of God's creation. I have no idea the name for these kind of flowers. If anyone does drop me a note!

We've had several concerts this week. Today we had a day off (hence the beach photos above) and it *looks* like we might have tomorrow off, too. But, we're back in full force later in the week.

Thanks to all who are praying for us. We continue to ask and covet your prayers for fruitful times of ministry and wisdom in all situations.

God bless and goodnight. : )