Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Well, we're here!! It's kind of different...but beautiful!

You can tell we went to the beach today. 8 )
It wasn't a real sandy beach but one with beautiful wet smooth rocks. It was interesting.

Oh yes...and here we are at our camp-site. Actually, we were graciously allowed to park at several of the places we sang this week (and last.) It really was a tremendious blessing. As is the church we're staying at tonight. If any of you all are reading this who were responsible big thank yous again!!

We're wonderfully amazed at the glories of God's creation. I have no idea the name for these kind of flowers. If anyone does drop me a note!

We've had several concerts this week. Today we had a day off (hence the beach photos above) and it *looks* like we might have tomorrow off, too. But, we're back in full force later in the week.

Thanks to all who are praying for us. We continue to ask and covet your prayers for fruitful times of ministry and wisdom in all situations.

God bless and goodnight. : )



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