Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello from Alabama [the beautiful.]

We were blessed to be a part of We Care prison ministry last year and we're back for our second year.

We sang for the assembled volunteers/staff this Saturday evening.

Sunday we spent the day praising God, listening to inspiring speakers and being trained for the week of prison work.

Our first two concerts were yesterday. We had some delays at the second location but that was mainly due to the tornado that was devastating for many people. Our bus/hotel was 15 miles from touch down spot. We thank God for the safety of all the We Care volunteers.

We have a prayer request for our bus. The rear end has started making terrible noises and we drive 35-40 miles an hour to keep everything from grinding. Please pray we won't have to cancel anyone and the problem can be fixed next week if not sooner!

This was the view outside the bus one afternoon. :)

We got to visit with Greg Howlett last week.

He inspired us and we thank him for taking the time to come and see us!

And one last "fun" photo. This is our campsite one night at a state park.

May you all have a blessed week!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Tour 2012 update #1

Last year we took off the day after a huge snow storm. This year it snowed/sleeted/rained the day we left! We hadn’t much of anything before (except the freak snow storm in October) just like last year. It was suggested we leave right before Christmas this year so we can give everyone a white Christmas. :D

We hit some more snow in PA but it didn’t slow us down too badly. Onward ho! :)

Our first stop was to see Vincent at “the farm” in Virginia! It was absolutely lovely to see him again. We helped with the egg chores….

Vincent showing us how to clean them to be ready for market.

Seth going solo. :)

Beautiful fresh farm eggs!

Seth was like "look at this egg!"

Weird eggs stop here! :)

Peter and Papa!

We got to meet the folks Vincent works for, too. They fed us supper. It was nice to put faces and personality to the names we’ve heard!

Vincent fed us a breakfast, fabulous sausage, fried egg sandwiches in the morning after chores. It was YUMMY and huge.

Yes. You may drool. ;) They were some of the best cinnamon rolls I have ever tasted.

This is Vincent and some of the guys in the pig pen... :)

We are in South Carolina tonight. We had a good string of concerts this weekend and were so happy to see some familiar faces and enjoy fellowship. It was wonderful to meet some new faces as well. Thank you all for your kindness!

Onward ho to Alabama [and prison...] more later!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Glorify The Lord With Me is now available for downloading on the music page at our website! As always our music is offered free of charge. Please stop and download and share with anyone who might appreciate it.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Oh my! I had no idea I was so behind on blogging. o_O

Life has been VERY busy.

We arrived home in November. That was awesome! It was a really wonderful trip but it was fun getting home!

Seth had a birthday in December so we celebrated with the usual ICE CREAM from the amazing 600 lb Sani-serve ice cream making contraption that resides in our kitchen. [ New blog readers alert: that's one of dad's good deal craigslist finds. He can smell a sweet deal a mile away. ]

The man obviously has good taste since he ordered cheese cake for the occasion. Mom made one New York style and one regular. Delectable!

We had a grand adventure one night which I think I should mention here. We were all loaded and on the way to a singing engagement. It was cold, cold, cold that night. We traveled 5 miles or so but the bus had NO power and was smoking. Hm. This is not good we thought. After pulling over the engine on cue dies. We finally got the bus started, turned around (no small feat including flashlights, and the engine dying again in the MIDDLE of the traffic lanes!) and heading in the direction of home. Dad carefully went at very low speeds and as we approached the lights of town, I think we were all glad to be so close to home and still MOVING. As we crested the hill to the turn to our house we had no more energy left. No joke we can SEE our driveway but we can't move the bus.

The church directly across the street was having an event that night and here we were plopped in the middle of street unable to move forward or backward. It was quite a sight. We pulled out the heavy guns (Peter's 4WD truck) to attempt to push/pull the bus off to the driveway area. That started to work but we realize the turn was too tight coming from the angle we were. It was a pickle. So, after some thought we decided to push the bus back and park it in the off street parking.

Eventually after the weekend we had Dear Bus moved to the location of our other bus and swapped out engines. It sounds so easy to "swap" out an engine but, eh, the guys had a few really GREASY and cold days while "swapping." Three cheers for the men!!

We are so very thankful for the Lord's blessing of it breaking down when it did. Just returning from a many mile trip it could have broken down anywhere far from home. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

Our album is in the final stages of production. We just finished listening to the master cd. SO excited to have that on the home stretch. Here's a preview to some of the front cover....

The alum should be availble on-line tomorrow. I'll post a link. :)

God bless you all and looking forward to seeing some of you on our winter tour!