Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello from Alabama [the beautiful.]

We were blessed to be a part of We Care prison ministry last year and we're back for our second year.

We sang for the assembled volunteers/staff this Saturday evening.

Sunday we spent the day praising God, listening to inspiring speakers and being trained for the week of prison work.

Our first two concerts were yesterday. We had some delays at the second location but that was mainly due to the tornado that was devastating for many people. Our bus/hotel was 15 miles from touch down spot. We thank God for the safety of all the We Care volunteers.

We have a prayer request for our bus. The rear end has started making terrible noises and we drive 35-40 miles an hour to keep everything from grinding. Please pray we won't have to cancel anyone and the problem can be fixed next week if not sooner!

This was the view outside the bus one afternoon. :)

We got to visit with Greg Howlett last week.

He inspired us and we thank him for taking the time to come and see us!

And one last "fun" photo. This is our campsite one night at a state park.

May you all have a blessed week!


Blogger Karissa Noelle said...

Wow, that's cool that you got to see Greg Howlett! And that picture of the bus with the rainbow in the background is so neat! Awesome! Nice campfire! Staying warm and toasty! I will be praying that you won't have to cancel anyone, and that the bus will be fixed soon! :)

Have a great week! :)

In Christ,
Karissa││Romans 12 <3

1/24/2012 7:52 PM  

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