Friday, October 02, 2009

We are home safe and sound! Well, not to our heavenly home, but our temporary place of residence in the beautiful northeast! Thank you all who prayed for us. We arrived home mid morning on the 1st. Our warrior driver, Vincent, pulled an all nighter and drove straight straight home from VA. I think the 5 cans of Pepsi boosted his energy levels a little. ; )

We're starting right in on house declutterazation. (My very own word!) It's really easy to come home from a trip and realize if you lived without it for a month you probably won't miss it.

I never got all our photos up here (or facebook) (Also, new album here.) so here are a few more photos and captions from Fall 2009 Tour!

Dad, Papa, and Mom at Mt. Rushmore.

Hannah our valiant Wall Drug Indian chief. ; )

Wyoming was next and it was beautiful.

In CO visiting the cousins!

Doing a set with casual clothes. Unheard of! :D

Papa relaxing....

More fun with the cousins!

At this point my internet is being clogged up and photos aren't loading...sooooooo....we'll have to wait on more for now. :)



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