Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wow. Just wow. It’s hard to comprehend so much that has gone on in the past week! We have been so blessed and encouraged. Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve seen and been up to….

Sunday we had two concerts. This day was totally packed including a three-camera recording test run at the evening concert. Talk about pressure. Thankfully we have a few more weeks before we do the ‘real thing.’

Sunday morning…

Enter Peter!

Peter dealing with all the publicity.

Youse want to hear that awesome chord again?!

Preconcert warm ups.

Poor Hannah looks like death warmed over here due to lighting. : P

Heading out of Texas we stopped for some stretching….look mom! No hands!

We saw a gorgeous sunset God painted as we set our sights to the west.

Tuesday night we stopped and visited our friends in NM. We had a grand time visiting and playing Wii. : D Even papa tried. For anyone who is curious Vincent holds the all time highest score in Wii bowling in our family. Go Vincent. Mom come in second. : )

We set out to the south west of NM to a small town called Bisbee. But before we got there, lots of gorgeous mountains…

And if we had had time we would have stopped at White Sands National Monument. No time this time!

Next (well, after some miles traveling that is) we arrive at the outskirts of Bisbee. As we drew closer the drop offs got to be amazing near the copper mine. Eeeeeeeeek. :D Winding around and up and down curves we arrived at our destination.

The church was down (but still up on) a hill. The sign at the bottom of the road was just too much. : D Thankfully we didn’t have to go any further on the road.!

We started our trek up to Phoenix after that concert. We arrived in time to fuel up and wash some bus windows before heading over to Paradise Valley for the next concert. We had some special guest in the audience, the Rice family.

Our next stop was Rice House. Wonderful music, conversation and stories at that place. Visit their youtube page and website for some of their amazing and inspiring music. Just fabulous. We had some impromptu lessons and jamming. It was GREAT fun! What a privilege to listen to and learn from and play with such accomplished musicians.

In closing here's a nice picture of Daniel. : ) Did you know he loves to tell jokes? :D

Till next time!

Carol for all :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey---- Don't forget to come back east guys. Your having such a good time I was getting worried. :)

Yes I do know Daniel likes to tell jokes.

Mr Ed

1/31/2010 11:33 PM  
Blogger Carolj said...

: D Don't worry!! Don't tell anyone but, most of us are anxious to head east. ; )

See you soonish!!

2/03/2010 2:00 AM  

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