Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello all. I'm soooo sorry about this huge delay in posting. I finally figure out if I move to the very front of the bus I have wifi. Leave it to me for it to take days to find this out. :)

At the "We Care" orientation... (prison ministry)

We LOVED singing with We Care. We went to three prisons and were VERY blessed.
I would love to do this again next year.

Judges at the chili cook off in Houston. :)

Friends and folks from Oklahoma! After concert shot.

Feeding the seagulls at the beautiful Alabama beach.

I'm woefully behind on video editing but we have some fun adventures to post about, including a snowy road in Texas. We just can't get away from that stuff! :)

Now that I know where the wifi is hopefully I'll have a few more posts up these next few days and play catch up.

Carol for all


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