Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi all!

We’re still enjoying some Florida hospitality! Sunday we make our break (sadly!) up to Kentucky. Not that I don’t or won’t enjoy spending time up there, but Florida is starting to feel like home in a way. : ) We keep calling our campsite “home” and stuff like that. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact we’ve been here several years in a row or the folks who are so kind in letting us stay. ; ) Still we have some people anxious to put some of the trip behind us and make our way to some Massachusetts soil.

(fyi: Carol is quite happy on the road and wishes to not go home…for at least another month if not the rest of the entire year. ^_^ Oops. Did I just say that out loud? :D)

Ok, on to photos and stories!

The Lord sure knows how to provide. We had been discussing how we needed a video camera for an event at the end of this trip. My camera wouldn't take long enough video and Vincent left his at home.

What do we find at a yard sale? Yep! A camera for the fraction of the cost of a new one. God's so good!

Mom's been hanging lots of laundry with help from the girls...

We had friends over and combined with some
vessels here on the property we had a grand time out
on the Alligator (Braden) River!!

Enjoying the ride!
What a train we make!

Eventually Vincent dumped over and he went IN the water. (He's being towed here...)
You should have heard his older sister warning him of the alligators...!!

Poor Matthew said he didn't want to get wet....oops. :D

We've played volley ball....LOTS of volleyball here!

Papa and Peter!



Our poolside concert....

It was so nice that day and not too hot. Thankfully the instruments did really well for being in direct sun like that. Not our favorite way to play, but you've got be flexible!

We did have an audience, around the pool. :)

Sunny, sunny! Note the sunglasses!

Banjo Man in Lake Wales.


At the BIG COW with some sweet friends! We should have brought the cowbells in!! :D

Till next time....and hope you all have a beautiful day!!

Monday, March 08, 2010

God's so good

Our trip back to AZ proved to be non-eventful and a testimony of God’s faithfulness!

The bus started drinking a ton of water. Guzzeling that stuff down like no bodies business!
We were unsure why….

We had two theories, either the engine was burning it up or a chance we were so low already and didn’t notice. We had just left the major town so water was somewhat scare. We kept limping along, stopping and checking the levels and it continued to need water added. We wondering if we were going to be canceling our appointments for the next day and for the few days at that. We sent out a call to pray on facebook. Water in the engine would have been a fairly big problem. We had a small prayer meeting in the back of the bus that it would be the later of the two problems. The next time we checked the levels they were fine. We praise God for His love and sustaining us weather is was miraculously healed or the water levels were really low to begin with. : )

We had a another fabulous musical evening at RiceHouse on the way east.

Hannah really enjoyed her cello lesson as did the rest of us who watched. : )

We're in SUNNY (mostly!) Florida. We had a lovely time last night playing in front of a very full house. We had a wonderful time there. Looking forward to possibly posting some audio/video from that evening later on!

Thank you so much all who have been praying for us, and attending concerts and blessing us.
Blessings on all of you and our to our many readers out there. Feel free to leave a comment or two. ; )

Till next time!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Good Wednesday morning to you all!

I feel so behind at blogging I don’t know where to start.

Our trip to CA ended with an absolutely wonderful time with the folks up in the Fresno/North Fork area.

Jam time! It's always interesting getting cellos and classical musicians together with classical bluegrass instruments. : )

Here we are posing for combined family portrait with the C family! :D


We had a very well attended concert on Saturday evening in North Fork, CA.
(Thanks to Philip C. for the photos!)

We had a blessed and wonderful time ministering up there!

As you all saw from the other photos I blogged, a majority of us were able to visit Yosemite. It was truly a wonderful experience! Thank you Callis family for your willingness to take us! If anyone is wondering we did NOT take the bus to Yosemite. The twisty roads leading up to and in the park would have been *quite* the ride in the bus. It was enough we were in a van. I dispense with relating any stories of motion sickness and the effects there of on some of us. ^_^


Yes, we're missing Hannah. : ) She wanted to stay home and play this time.


So now we're pretty much caught up on our CA part of the trip. Be looking for our next blog with the little scare we had before arriving in Phoenix. : )

Till next time!