Monday, March 08, 2010

God's so good

Our trip back to AZ proved to be non-eventful and a testimony of God’s faithfulness!

The bus started drinking a ton of water. Guzzeling that stuff down like no bodies business!
We were unsure why….

We had two theories, either the engine was burning it up or a chance we were so low already and didn’t notice. We had just left the major town so water was somewhat scare. We kept limping along, stopping and checking the levels and it continued to need water added. We wondering if we were going to be canceling our appointments for the next day and for the few days at that. We sent out a call to pray on facebook. Water in the engine would have been a fairly big problem. We had a small prayer meeting in the back of the bus that it would be the later of the two problems. The next time we checked the levels they were fine. We praise God for His love and sustaining us weather is was miraculously healed or the water levels were really low to begin with. : )

We had a another fabulous musical evening at RiceHouse on the way east.

Hannah really enjoyed her cello lesson as did the rest of us who watched. : )

We're in SUNNY (mostly!) Florida. We had a lovely time last night playing in front of a very full house. We had a wonderful time there. Looking forward to possibly posting some audio/video from that evening later on!

Thank you so much all who have been praying for us, and attending concerts and blessing us.
Blessings on all of you and our to our many readers out there. Feel free to leave a comment or two. ; )

Till next time!


Blogger joshua.vanhorn said...

being stuck in the middle of the desert does not sound fun at all.... then again, it would make for a really cool story:) jk. I second the motion to post a video of your concert on the internet. I hope that yall continue to have a blast doing the work of the Lord. Josh

3/08/2010 4:15 PM  

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