Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Good Wednesday morning to you all!

I feel so behind at blogging I don’t know where to start.

Our trip to CA ended with an absolutely wonderful time with the folks up in the Fresno/North Fork area.

Jam time! It's always interesting getting cellos and classical musicians together with classical bluegrass instruments. : )

Here we are posing for combined family portrait with the C family! :D


We had a very well attended concert on Saturday evening in North Fork, CA.
(Thanks to Philip C. for the photos!)

We had a blessed and wonderful time ministering up there!

As you all saw from the other photos I blogged, a majority of us were able to visit Yosemite. It was truly a wonderful experience! Thank you Callis family for your willingness to take us! If anyone is wondering we did NOT take the bus to Yosemite. The twisty roads leading up to and in the park would have been *quite* the ride in the bus. It was enough we were in a van. I dispense with relating any stories of motion sickness and the effects there of on some of us. ^_^


Yes, we're missing Hannah. : ) She wanted to stay home and play this time.


So now we're pretty much caught up on our CA part of the trip. Be looking for our next blog with the little scare we had before arriving in Phoenix. : )

Till next time!



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