Saturday, December 15, 2007

Of Roads and Roosters

Well….. The roads were great!

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The two snow blowers we had saved years of our backs, for sure!

The only time we started to slip was right outside the driveway of the place we were singing. PTL!

Our next concert it tonight and everything looks like a go so far. Sunday morning looks like another story!

The time has come to start thinking about a home for Charles (ie, Tweetalizer, Drumstick, etc., etc). He is free to a good home. : )

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Resting on Matthew's lap.

He loves potatoes, corn , popcorn, spaghetti, snow (lol) and various other food items. He enjoys being around people however music makes him shake his head. (He hears a lot of it around here.) We’re trying to cure him of his crowing habit, but it seems our meager attemps of 'shhhhhh, don't do that!' aren't working very well. : P Some of his favorite pastimes include dust baths, cleaning floors ( he really likes that), walks outdoors, roosting, and pecking at buttons and feet. See him featured on a video at youtube.


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