Saturday, January 19, 2008

January 19th
Time: 2:35pm
Place: Fairhope , AL
Munching on gummy bears - and wishing the wifi reached to the back of the bus

Hm. Ok. Where did I leave off? Oh yes. Florida! We made it safely to Jacksonville and sang at our ’normal’ stop, San Pablo Baptist. Thanks to the Johnsons we met a few new families from Jacksonville. Thank you for inviting them, Stacy!

We set off the next morning to visit and sing at Advent Christian Village a few hours west. We visited our friend who lives there and she gave us some HUGE pine cones.


The weather was very nice. It was fairly warm at night and we ran the fan on the floor in the bunk area. In the middle of the night Bonnie was awakened (from a pleasant dream) by the sound of the fan eating her blanket. Yummy. : P

We arrived at Dinosaur Adventure Land yesterday, after dark. The Myers family asked us over to their house and we enjoyed food, fellowship and lots of stories by Kevan. We can’t wait until the books he is working on is finished!

Kevan, who went to Turkey, (and Greece, and Israel) told us about the way a Turkish man evaluates a potential wife.

1. How good she is at rug making.

It was suggested perhaps the better the rug maker the more money a woman could contribute to the budget was the reasoning… Though, perhaps since a 5” square of rug can take 3 MONTHS to complete maybe it’s to show she has character. Namely patience!

2. How well she could take care of goats.

No comment.

3. Beauty

I suppose that if you’re good at the first two you lose out if you lack in the looks department.

Here’s a real Turkish rug.


This one is made of cotton as compared to silk. They actually have patterns and all with symbols for designs, etc. It was most interesting.

In closing we heard the Myers family sing and then we all sang a song together.

The next morning (that would be today) we started driving to Fairhope, Alabama. It was quite rainy and cold. It’s still cold but we have a nice warm church to sing in tonight! :D Then…..onward to TEXAS!


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