Sunday, February 03, 2008

January 30th
Place: Side of the road - Donna, TX
Time: 1536

We hit some wifi for about 20 minutes but it wasn’t long enough to post anything but a quick note. I’m sorry!

Looking back and editing the post above it seems like a long time ago… much has been going on!

We arrived at Bibleville and set up for a Sunday afternoon concert. We attended the church service on Bibleville grounds Sunday night. The RGBI (Rio Grande Bible Institute) was in charge of the service. It was very nice. The special music group played some bossa nova type music which was interesting! We were invited by a former missionary to Mexico to visit after the service along with folks from RGBI. It was a nice time of getting to know people and learning how much Spanish is a part of this culture. Our group before say goodnight….


We ended up booking a stay with Bibleville for a week. We just left today to sing, but we will be returning tonight. It’s nice to have unlimited water.

Bonnie and Carol joined the ladies of Bibleville who quilt Monday afternoons in one of the activity rooms. They liked seeing so many sewing machines in one spot and the large quantities of fabric on hand. :D Most of the quilts made there are sent to Mexico.

Speaking of Mexico….we went for a few hours! Only 4 of us were able to go. The rest who stayed ‘home’ watched the kiddos who didn’t have photo ids, and washed cars. It was quite an experience for those of us who went. The tourist-y part of the city we went to seemed like a perpetual flea market. Everyone wanted to sell you something. Little kids trying to sell you car magnets, young mothers begging, tables and tables of jewelry, and dentists and pharmacy’s everywhere! A cleaning at a dentist might cost you between $10-$20. The prices were insane. The stores were full of ’junk’ knick knacks, glass, candy that looked gross, jewelry, wood carvings, interesting food, imitation vanilla (that was touted as real), shot glasses, mirrors, more knick knack and dust catchers, and all sorts of other ‘art’ and practical items.

Do you recognize these guys?


The food at the restaurant we visited was not bad. Vincent doesn’t particularly like Mexican food so he didn’t give any raving comments.

The streets were very busy, especially toward the end of the day. It took nearly an hour from when we left our parking spot to the check point, which was about ½ mile away.


The sidewalk was jammed!


Mom and a Mexican Grandma.


Sarenade us, my dear. : )


Tons of dentists!


The whole thing was so touristy, though we got a taste of the poverty which is very real in Mexico. We left with a greater thankfulness for the USA, a country that was originally founded on God.

We crossed the bridge and drove a little ways and bought some produce. : )


When we arrived back ‘home’ and found everyone off washing cars. We attended the ‘jam’ over at the activity room at Bibleville. We sure were tired at the end of the day. Wow. These old folks can tire you out! They sure do keep up a good pace here.


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Did you get a good opportunity to practice your Spanish?

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