Friday, May 23, 2008

I don't know if I'm the only one who will blog today, but I want to say first off happy birthday to my dad :) So HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D


Here are some pictures from our recent concert (thanks to Carol for photos). It was at an old high school nearby that I wasn't even aware existed. Well, ok, it's not "local," but it isn't hours away either.

Here's a neat spiral staircase that was to the right of the stage and went all the way to the basement (through three stories).

I wish we had gotten pictures of the name on the back of each stair. It was really neat! There were names written in mostly pencil from at least 1930-1974. I'm pretty sure there must have been ones before '30 that I just didn't see. Wouldn't it be funny if some folks some Winchendon look up their high school and find their staircase mentioned ;) Some of the woodwork was in really rough shape, but overall the building was quite charming and a lot of it had to have been original.

The above is where we actually sang. It was a very "live" room, as in there was a lot of sound bouncing off the hard walls, floor, and ceiling. I can only imagine it becomes a roar when it's full of people, even counting in the deadening properties of so many bodies.

Can you imagine having hinges on your door that look like this!


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