Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Last month we had a birthday! : ) Daniel, the only blue eyed boy in our family turned 11!*

We are so blessed to have Daniel in our lives. He’s very helpful and has good attitude about things. He enjoys reading true stories, being outdoors, Blood Red Soup (it’s not as nasty as it sounds!), computer games, and biking. He has also delighted us with his culinary recipes. Last year he designed his own birthday cake. It’s now one of our favorites. : )

Daniel's 11th Birthday

Warming up (?) over the candles with another cake he designed himself. :)


In other news, yesterday was National Atheist Day. ;-)

Coming up soon: be watching for a post including pictures of the crafty projects we finished on our trip! Crocheting is quickly become the latest and greatest craft project around here.

*Useless fact: 7 out of 8 MacDonald children are turning odd numbers this year. : )


Blogger cali2carolina said...

Happy Birthday from the Johnsons, Daniel!!! We had such a great time seeing you again in January. :)

4/07/2008 9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

4/09/2008 7:21 PM  

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