Monday, August 18, 2008

New York Trip 1
Part 2

And we arrived at Alden, NY in plenty of time. There was a rain cloud sitting over us when we made the call to go inside or play outdoors. After a delicious spread of food we started at 7:30pm, half an hour later than advertised. Most everyone seemed to take it in stride and waited for the concert to begin without rioting. ; )

We woke up the next morning and went to visit the N family! It was quite last minute but they were very gracious. : ) We had a lovely lunch and fellowship with them.

Us with them after the concert…


Heading over to Odosagah Bible conference we started setting up for the evening concert in the tabernacle.


We had a full house that evening with more folks sitting outside. We enjoyed singing and were encouraged and blessed by being there.

We stayed overnight at OBC and after a marvelous breakfast from the OBC kitchen we headed to Faith Baptist, in Little Valley. Faith Baptist was one of the first churches we visited on our very first fall tour in 04. We enjoyed being with them and having a lovely lunch after service. It’s great to fellowship with the body of Christ!

Mom and Mrs. Griffith.


The church is situated next to this pretty field.


Our next and final singing stop was in near Arcade, NY, went great. The pastor prayed that there would be good eternal consequences from our singing that night. I also pray that was the case.

We’re hurtling back home as I’m typing with Vincent at the wheel and dad resting after diving for hours already. We thank the Lord the bus made it and we are almost safely home. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. God bless!

Until next time, for the MacDonald Family,



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