Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Before we headed out this weekend we paid a visit to THE farm! I thought we were pulling cucumber weed, like last time, but we threw hay instead.


Oh tiredness!! Only 4 of us went (plus dad) so we were short handed but we still unloaded 5 trailers of hay. In between one load we went around and visited the calves with Aaron. He’s the blond. :)


We then head home and after some serious showers we headed out on the bus for a rest area bound for western upstate New York.

We had some excitement at 3 o’clock in the morning when one of the rabbits we were transporting to our friends in NY died. : ( It was very sad. Poor baby. The waking hours of our trip the next day were rainy, dismal and overcast. Though I suppose that could make one feel nice and cozy in a bus. :)

We arrived at the Darts, but not in enough time. We never seem to spend enough time at their house. : (

Some of the activities in the next 24 hours included

Watching Abigail make lines for 4 Square


4 square (with a liiiiine)


Watching the cat play with a mouse. Ew.


It was rather ridiculous. The cat would walk leisurely along with the mouse and grab at it once in a while….then she would put it in her mouth and run with it to a shady spot and start playing with it sitting down.

Seritupa and the cup game was a nice loud fun game to keep us all awake…



The hymn sing was a wonderful time will with praise and music!


We were all jammed in there pretty well, too. :) (No pun intended.)





The sweet corn roasted was something else. 100% Delicious. Makes me want to live on a nice big piece of land with lots of room for growing things, and chickens, and cows, and rabbits, and ….well you get the idea. :)

Volleyball was way too much fun.


It got even better when Paul, a visiting missionary with his wife, to the Baffin Island suggested Round Robin volleyball. Hehe. That was super fun! ( and way more exercise. : P )


Of course, all good things must come to an end… : ( We shall miss you all (Brocketts included!) !! Thanks again for everything!

Savoring the memories of our time at the Darts (and plotting how soon we could return) we headed down the road….and over to Friendship. I didn’t get any photos of this, like I didn’t with all the concerts this weekend, but it was a nice turn out and we pray hearts were touched for eternity! About half hour before the concert the electricity for the whole block went out. Thanks to the generator we were able to have the concert with no problem! Electricity came back on shortly after we were done singing.

We’re traveling in the bus on the way home as I’m typing this. But, today we had two concert with very good attendance. We were so thrilled to sing for an enthusiastic audience. Thanks all for coming and being a beautiful encouragement. May the Lord bless you all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful time with your family and getting to know the "real" Macdonalds! :) Hope you don't wait too long to make your next visit in the area!!!!!

The Brockett Bunch
We are all still singing the Seratupa song......

9/03/2008 12:25 PM  
Blogger The Dart Family said...

Oh, what fun! Hey, did you fall asleep on the bus after that round-robin game on your way to the next concert? It sure tired us out! Next time we want to play blindman volleyball.

I am hoping to get to a FAST internet connection to put a video clip of the cups and the seratupa song on our blog! It was so much fun to watch our dads really laughing as they watched.

We really enjoyed your family and pray that you will continue to honor the Lord in your music and lives.

Come again soon!!

Abby for all the Darts

9/08/2008 8:21 PM  
Blogger Carolj said...

Thanks, Brocketts for your note. :) Hehe. I hope we haven't made you totally SICK of the song. :D

Abby, thanks for your note too! What is blindman volleyball?! I hope we don' t have to play blindfolded!!

We're looking forward to seeing you all again...God bless!

9/08/2008 9:09 PM  
Blogger The Dart Family said...

Blindman volleyball is when you blindfold the ball! Just kidding!!=) What you do is hang sheets or tarps over the net so you can't see the team on the other side. It works best if it hangs right down to the ground so you can't see their feet. Then you don't know where the ball is coming or if someone is going to spike it. Very exciting! =)

9/10/2008 9:13 PM  

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