Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh wow! What a busy and blessed weekend we have had! Before we dive into that...I'm already behind on blogging about LAST weekend. :)

From the pole barn in Maine...

Oh and the rain is very loud on that metal roof. Wowzers. It totally interrupted sound check!

I'm glad I wasn't in charge of all that. :)

Sound check for the LaClaires. Dad did all the sound for the bluegrass groups. (All two of them. :))

Lots of SOUND! ; )

A Denny sound check...where is everyone?!

There they are!

We had lots of group that day but I didn't get photos of each one....

THanks to our friends for getting a couple of us...

The day closed with a gorgeous sun set

.....and swimming in the river!

Next day we said goodbye to all our Mainiac friends... : (

Thank you all who made our visit to Maine special and blessed!


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