Friday, April 02, 2010

Hello all you patient folks out there....

I feel this is pretty crazy to (feels like ) constantly start a blog post with apologizes for the lateness of the post. :D However, I'd guess you'd rather it start with that rather than no post. ; )

Just in case you don't stalk our schedule....We're home. H. O. M. E. !
(Can you hear the whoops and hollars of excitement of being home? )
This turned out to be a trip just shy of 11 weeks, including 11,600 miles. God is so faithful.

We are so, so thankful for God traveling mercies. Our hearts go out to the families who were touched by this tragedy on the very roads in Kentucky we were traveling on just weeks before. Please join with us in prayers for the many people who have had their lives deeply changed because of this.

Watching the news you might have heard Massachusetts and New Hampshire are flooding. Our area is pretty soggy, but the sun is out and we're looking forward to a beautiful weekend full of sun.

We have a back log of trip photos which I hopefully will get to next week. Till then here's a video of "Down From His Glory" which we've had recording requests for. We do not have plans to record it at this time but hope this video will help with the request in the meantime.

May you all have a blessed and beautiful Resurrection Day weekend!


Blogger ThomasJG said...

Using your hands!! Way cool. Totally digging it. :) I forgot how intimidating you can be as a singer. You power on this song was amazing!

4/06/2010 12:19 AM  

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