Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February 19th - somewhere in Louisiana on route 10 - 9:00AM EST, 10:00AM CST

This week we’ll be entering Eastern Time again. Hey, we’re almost one step closer to being home. : ) We don’t go home for another 4 weeks, but we are a little over half way over with this tour. We called back home this weekend and had reports of single and below zero temps, sleet, rain and ice. This mild weather down here sure has been a blessing to us! We’re also praising God for traveling mercies and protecting the bus! (See last paragraph.)

Sunday we had two concerts in Texas. Thank the Lord, they went very well!

In the morning we went to the Wal-Mart lady’s church. : D For those who don’t the story….Mrs. Montgomery saw our bus in the Wharton Wal-Mart last year. She also saw Bonnie riding the cart back to the bus. ; ) She looked us up on-line, came to a concert and then came again to another concert and then booked us for next year. Praise God for the way he works and puts people in touch with each other.

This 13 month old church bought part of a store front block right on center of town.


It is very uniquely situated to do outreach in the community which they take advantage of to full capacity!

The inside had a really neat tin ceiling.


At night we sang at a different church in El Campo which was followed refreshments and fellowship. We parked there for the night. Next morning, after we slept in, we stopped off to buy Treches chili for our vegetables. Victor (dad) has taken a liking to this particular chili mix. It’s got sugar, salt and citric acid in it too, so, it’s not ALL chili. : )

This next story really needs a picture (or a video!) but everything happened so quickly there wasn’t time to get the camera. On our way back to Houston we were driving on one of the major 4 lane highways. Vincent was in the second lane and a truck carrying large rolls of carpet foam was in the third lane ahead of us. The strap holding the rolls of foam all of a sudden started looking kinda lose. Then, surreally, the rolls start coming off like crazy and it turned into a dodging game which could have been deadly for a small vehicle. We ran over one roll and tried to avoid another one but switching lanes didn’t seem to help too much. When we arrived at the music store we assessed the bus and nothing seemed to be mal-functioning because of the incident. We thank the Lord for His protection!!


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Praising the Lord that He kept you all safe during the "incident". How awesome and wonderful He is!!!

2/20/2008 11:18 PM  

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