Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February 26th - Bradenton, FL - 6:22pm

Comfortably seated next to the pool I’m trying to compose a blog for you all. I’m reminding people in the water to keep the wet stuff IN the pool and not on my laptop. : P It’s a cool 75 degrees and the wind is blowing. We’re really enjoying the time here in Florida. (I know. How can 75 be cool. It’s the wind.)


The Lord blessed us with such a beautiful place to camp for the week. We are next to the Braden River in beautiful, warm Bradenton at the King Ranch. Thanks to the King family we are able to stay here!

They have many citrus trees and we can pick as many as we want.


A beautiful unidentified red flower greeted us the day we arrived. (Does anyone want to take a stab at what kind it is? It grows on a vine.)


Hannah was one of the first ones in the pool when we arrived Monday afternoon.


We’ve also been enjoying some very nice company! It was a joy to see the B’s and the M’s again! : D

Mr. Ed took some pictures (and video) of our first two concerts on Sunday but unfortunately my computer is not cooperating with the DVD he made of them. Sunday afternoon was our largest concert here so far with 300 people.

We arrived back at the ranch this afternoon after being out almost all day. We went up to Largo and sang for an enthusiastic. happy and kind group of senior citizens and staff. The bay was so pretty by St. Pete.


Another batch of 1,000 cds are being delivered to us this evening. We gave away more than we expected and had to place an order. I guess this is a good thing! :)

We’re looking forward to singing tomorrow night and a day off on Thursday.


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