Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29th - Bradenton, FL - 12:04pm

It’s not very often that we get to blog on this date. : ) Happy Leap Year y’all!

We’re still here in our tropical haven of rest. However, we found that it can be downright cold. It was 40 degrees this morning!! I know. Don’t you all feel bad for us? All you people who are in the frozen, snowy wastelands of the north battling 10 degrees can stop laughing now. : P We went from swimming one night to a bonfire the next. It’s really warmed up nicely now and the sun is out.


This cold weather hasn’t stopped the citrus..


However, we found we’re not the only ones interested in the fruit!


Cute little guy though.

Mr. Ed got some snapshots from our concert at Oneco.



One more concert tonight and we’re off for the rest of the week! (Need I remind you there is only one day left of the week? ; ) And, only 2 ¼ weeks until we arrive home, Lord willing! )

Please keep in prayer Victor as he’s fighting (besides the normal pains) a new cold and having difficulty sleeping. Thank you all!


Blogger Lynn Bartlett said...

Say hi to GpB and Grammy for us! Wish we were there! Although if you would be here, you could have seen 2 moose resting in our valley yesterday morning, and one that was scared up by Jonathan and Peter this afternoon.

2/29/2008 10:23 PM  

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