Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Home just hasn't been the same since we've been home!! Nathan decided Tuesday night that he wanted to declutterize and rearrange. This lead to a complete room renovation. Mostly a paint project...but there sure is a lot to paint!

West wall before:

South wall before:


Wall paper stripping...what a job! But, the work has only just begun!


The plaster is not in good shape and would not be advisable to paint so bring on the mud. Lot of mud to cover all the walls.


That last hole is patched and we've got most everything covered in mud and drying...


Next come, more mud and sanding! Wheeee.....I think I'm getting tired just thinking about it. :D


Blogger Vicki said...

What a mess! Brings back memories of around here! We had a ton of that lovely old wallpaper too and had to scrape it all off. Fun, fun. It'll look great when it's all finished though. :)

3/29/2009 4:53 PM  

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