Friday, March 09, 2012

Oh dearie.
[gets a industrial sized leaf blower to blow the dust from the blog page]

My humblest apologies for the lateness of this blog post. We have been having a WONDERFUL time here in Florida. It’s been great to see some of our old friends and make some new relationships!

My blogging time has been eaten up by a few things. My expanded excuses are listed here for those curious.
[Hint: we’re expecting new little singer to arrive this summer]

I’m not even sure where I left off, so I will just ramble and recap some of the last month.

Florida has been beautiful this year. Lots of warm sun and even some humid days. Hardly any rain! We heard you northern people have had it pretty mild this year so we didn’t feel quite to bad enjoying all the nice weather. :)

Some people wonder if we ever have fun. ; ) .…as I type I can hear the splashed of diving contests in the swimming pool. It still hasn’t gotten old!

Days off we can spend at the pool! Thank you again King Family for hosting us in Florida.

Some of us have been enjoying the more subdued activities such as computer time sitting by the pretty river banks.

Our concerts have been going well. We gave away around 700 copies of the new album (click here for the download page!). We started rationing the albums as we weren’t sure if we could cover new and old concert attendants with them. Looks like we’ll make it to the end of the trip! Lord willing we will have the resources to print a large batch to keep us in stock for the rest of the year. We thank you all for the generosity to keep this ministry moving and going forward.

Here are a few concert shots, thanks to Mr. Ed and Carissa respectively.

Oneco was a very familiar concert location for us and there was a great turn out.

Our concert in Brooksville was held at a new location this time.

Total attendance was 706.

We have had more adventures like culling peach trees, playing volleyball with friends and making batches and batches of pickled peppers, but that shall have to wait until another time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I love the pic of Daniel, Peter, Seth and Nathan jumping into the pool! I miss you guys!!

The pic of Peter's great hair was good too. actually I liked them all but...
I didn't know Seth was playing the guitar. Can't wait to hear y'all!

see you soon Lord willing!


3/12/2012 7:53 PM  
Blogger Carolj said...

Yeah, sorry! For some reason I didn't realize you'd be waiting for a post. DUH. :D It was so good to seeeee you! We miss you a lot.


3/19/2012 6:46 PM  

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