Saturday, February 23, 2008

February 20th - Alabama - 11:43am CST

We have another praise to the Lord for his wonderful protection! Yesterday we traveled all day through Louisiana and Mississippi, and entered Alabama late afternoon. It was dark when we pulled over for supper at a rest area. After we took off not more than a mile away we smell smoke and something burning. Ew. We are so thankful the Lord allowed us to smell it when we did! If not we could have a bus burnt to the crisp at this moment. At first the engine was suspect but the nasty oil burning smell wasn’t coming from there. Vincent crawled under the bus and found the brake drum covered with oil. What had happened was the brake on the left hand drivers side had not fully released when we left. At any moment the wheel could have caught on fire. After a few minutes of waiting the brake unlocked and we were able to travel again. Thank the Lord for a wonderfully working sense of smell!

February 21st - FLORIDA! - 10:15 pm EST

We made it to the Sunshine State! More later!

February 22nd - Brookville, Florida - 2332

What a FULL day. I’m beat and don’t have time to expound.

[big yawn]


February 23rd - Brooksville, FL - 3:19pm

We have been spending the last few days with our friends. Yesterday was sooo busy and I didn’t write anything up. Lord willing in the next few days I’ll have a post up complete with pictures. Till then…we’re enjoying some Florida sunshine with relatives!


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