Friday, October 03, 2008

Hey to all our faithful and unfaithful readers. : )

The first 5 days of our trip have been busy and interesting. We’ve only sung twice but we’ve been hanging out at Grammie and Granddad’s house completing projects for them. Praise the Lord for strong bodies to work during the day and nights to rest in!

One of the spiritual highlights Sunday was the baptism of the 5 MacDonald brothers. Granddad, who turns 75 this month, officiated. It was a very special time with all of the living grand parents attending.

Pictures coming.

Bonnie at Granddad’s desk.


Bonnie found this cute stick bug outside.


What is a visit to G&G’s without music?


Family picture time!


We have visited Cabela’s twice in 5 days time! Once in Connecticut (where we rode the escalator) and in West Virginia.

The “Redwoods” of Cabela’s. : P



Grrrr. Aren’t you glad he’s stuffed? ; )


We got to visit with Dan Corner from, in Washington, PA. He was encouraging, bold and we were blessed to meet him in person.

We also got to meet the Raub family in a parking lot in WV by divine appointment. They have a bus the same brand as ours so dad and Mr. Kevin had a good time talking. : ) Check their page out here.


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