Monday, February 25, 2008

Some day in February - who knows where - the time isn’t important


Anyway, we’ve been spending the last few days with our friend and family in Florida! The weather has been quite warm. It rained for a little bit but nothing we couldn’t deal with. : )

We were blessed to sing for a full house of 600+ on Friday evening, at the Wesleyan Village. It was a great concert. We didn’t get too many pictures, and the lighting wasn’t the greatest for the photographer we put in charge of the camera. We were also blessed to see our old neighbors from Orange, our home town, and meet new friends. : )

We visited family Saturday…


Like father like son!

The kids had a fun time playing with the lizards,… and feeding them?


Mm. I guess his mouth isn’t quite big enough for that cheese puff.


Ew. He’s got it on his face!

Some of us were looking quite photogenic that day as you can CLEARLY see in this next picture. :-P


We took down a grapefruit tree with the help of the rain earlier in the day. It was quite muddy.


But, of course, not until we picked the tree clean.


We parked at and enjoyed the hospitality of the Z family for a few days.

We pick some fresh beets and ate them for supper!


They were delicious.

Carissa and Pricilla.


Vincent, feeding the pigs. They didn’t trust him much.


On Friday night, after the concert, the Z’s invited a lot of families over and we had a bon fire and roasted hot dogs. Yum! Great food and fellowship. After we had a lot of rounds of volleyball! Such fun! We were so very, very tired and slept well that night.


Blogger cali2carolina said...

Wow, how amazing that your uncle and your grandpa look like twins born in different generations. :)

Thanking the Lord for keeping you all safe as you travel and face varied bus adventures!

2/25/2008 11:58 AM  

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